Tuesday, April 7, 2009

the lust supper

hand painted glazed stoneware
d: 15 cm (each)

I see the work of Leonardo da Vinci always highly appreciated by the
world. they tend to consume his masterpiece with such holy passion.
The work of Monalisa and The Last Supper maybe the most well-known
masterpiece of this grand artist. both work even have their own spot
in such books and movies. Particularly, the last supper intrigued a
various interpretation due to its appearance. so this work of mine
is based on this phenomena which i also try to revisit The Last
I like to call this work as The Lust Supper. The Lust Supper here
means that this very particular masterpiece has always be consumed
with high adoration, appreciation, worshiped like God himself and so
i might say it is like a lust for arts. The plate it self symbolize
the way supper is served.

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