Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Hardness of an Ease

text about EASY PROJECT #3

G*d knows how hard I tried to decipher these texts in front of me, squeezing any possible discourse around and within them. I have been referring to past projects, picking up some of the exhibitors' brains ,+ looking at the twenty-percent of the materials for the forthcoming exposition for a while now. I even consulted years-old school text book to reach the intended climax [Seeing & Writing 2, by McQuade/McQuade, found in Phnom Penh's used book sales, of course.] Having the texts endlessly contradicting themselves, + most probably being blocked by my presumptions for artists' initiatives, I honestly still have nada, nothing, no angle for attacking them.
The only things easy in these projects are left on the title + the ascending numbering system following them [reminded me of albums by legends such as Led Zeppelin, or Soft Machine, and titles for sinetron, or porn flicks], also in you, the audience, to experience the fun + enjoyable part of it. One thing for sure, the exhibitors took nothing easy, pieces are built exquisitely not only in technical terms, but also in the term of realms. To wander silently inside your head, stimulated by the works, you literally could go to Mars and back, making it impossible to pin down the spectacle in front of your eyes using a single verbal text [excuses, excuses.] The only question remains [which makes writing this piece of shit priceless]: presentation. How would these objects put into context, in reference to themselves as well as in relation to the others? The answer would provide the underlying strength that could define this specific intervention as a project hits or misses. Put the task in a temporal constraint – this time is Easy Project's first shot at for a longer period of exposure: two days – and you would get a condition that, as I stated before, is never easy.
For me, in order to take the exhibition as intended, this temporarily altered space should be perceived as the process of going home after spending your day + most of our energy making ends meet in this industrialized society: with exhaustion but in mixed hope, expectations + intentions. But, please do your best to remember, that not unlike any domesticated life, maybe some things are better left unsaid + unstated. Stop trying too hard: start taking it easy.
Have gotten into that, what the fuck am I doing by still writing this in English anyway?

Phnom Penh, o9_o221,
.farid rakun

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