Monday, November 3, 2008

fantasizing my paranoia

the idea is about the fear, the fear that becomes a really abstract in many ways.. they just hunting us even in a very private room like our bathroom.. grenades  is the manifestation of the fear it self, and i prefer to fantasize the fear in to a very happy mood through the color of the grenades, lemon green.. all you see is lemon green!!! the work was exhibited at the EASY PROJECT #2, HOUSE EXHIBITION at Rumah Buku Bandung, Indonesia. 


Anonymous said...

I am confuse about which one is your fear. Is it about exploding grenades or someone breaking your house and then so you are preparing arsenal to counter the attack?

I see the grenades more to preparation.

Rizaldi Fakhruddin said...

akunya di link dong bu!!!


Frames said...

Tisa, yes of course you can, it's your artwork anyway ^^
if it's okay with you, then just credit the photograph ^^
thank you for asking beforehand, totally appreciate it!